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Summer E. coli Testing Project

FOSR’s 2020 Summer E. coli Results through 07.23.2020

These are the E. coli results for the water samples that were collected yesterday, Thursday, July 23, 2020.

FOSR 2020 Summer Quantitative E. coli Concentration Results through 07.23.2020

Three of the sites located in Clarke County had elevated E. coli levels at the time the water samples were collected yesterday. Site FC08, Shenandoah River at Castlemans Ferry/ Route 7 public boat launch, while the E. coli levels measured 172.2, this did not exceed the previous VA water quality standard.   At the following sites the E. Coli level exceeded the previous instantaneous Virginia water quality standard threshold of 235 E. Coli CFUs per 100ml of sample for primary recreational contact:

  • 307.6 MPN E. coli – FC05, Shenandoah River at Lockes Landing public boat launch in Clarke County
  • >2,419.6 MPN E. coli – FCOC, Opequon Creek off of Neill Road in Clarke County
  • 410.6 MPN E. coli – FW36 Manassas Run, upstream of the confluence with the Shenandoah River at Morgan Ford low water bridge in Warren County

In a freshwater system, these data represent a snapshot of the water quality on the date, time, and under the conditions that the water sample was collected. Areas in the region had measurable rainfall over the last 24-hours. The following are recommendations from the Virginia Department of Health to consider before recreating in freshwater rivers and streams.

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