Board of Directors

The selfless efforts of the directors and the other volunteers keep the “Friends” the leading river conservation group in the state of Virginia.


Bud Nagelvoort

Charlie Newton

George L. Ohrstrom, II: Acting Chairman

Chapter Organization of the FOSR:

Dave Mangun: Chair of Friends of the Middle River


Karen Andersen,
Laboratory and Program Director

Molly Smith, Laboratory Assistant

Wendy Wright, Accountant


George L. Ohrstrom, II
Acting Chairman


Other Important Contacts:

Karen Andersen
FOSR Webmanager (Email)

Mark Frondorf
Shenandoah Riverkeeper

Dr. Tom Benzing
JMU’s Integrated Science And Technology Department (ISAT)

Dr. Woodward Bousquet
Retired Shenandoah University, Environmental Studies Department, Liaison

Dr. Bruce Wiggins
James Madison University Water-quality Testing Consultant

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