E. coli Results for 6.09.2022 are all over the Place

While it did rain on Wednesday, June 8, and possibly into the early morning hours of Thursday, June 9, the rain had stopped by the time I headed out to collect the water samples around 7 AM. From my observations at the sites that I collected the water samples at on the North Fork, South Fork, and Main-stem of the Shenandoah River it appeared that it had at least rained some at all of the sites.  At about half of the sites there were standing pools of water in the parking areas, at others it appeared that there was just enough rain to make the area wet.  The water levels, however, in all three River stretches did not rise as much as it had last week when I collected the water samples.  Interesting though, is that the E. coli concentrations measured at all of the sites were higher this week, at some sites greatly so.



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