June 22, 2022 Concerning E. coli levels at Site FW 35 Shenandoah River, Morgan’s Ford bridge

The E. coli levels of >2,419.6 MPN of CFUs per 100 mL of water sample at Site FW 35 Shenandoah River, Morgan’s Ford bridge, along the bank of the public boat launch on June 22, 2022 are of concern.  When I was collecting the water sample at this site yesterday there were people of all ages, toddlers to adults, enjoying a summers day in the River.

Finding E. coli bacteria in the water indicates recent fecal contamination and possible presence of other disease-causing microorganisms or pathogens.  As the level of E. coli increases, potential health risk from exposure to pathogenic organisms also increases. Possible health effects:


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