FOSR 2019 Summer E. coli Results through 09.10.2019

These are the E. coli concentration results for the water samples were collected yesterday, Tuesday, September 10, 2019.  In a freshwater system, these data represent a snapshot of the water quality on the date, time, and under the conditions that the water sample was collected.

FOSR 2019 Summer Quantitative E. coli Concentration Results through 09.10.2019

This is the first time in awhile the E. coli levels at all of the sites tested were below the Virginia Water Quality Standard threshold level of 235 colony forming units of E. coli per 100 ml of sample for freshwater beaches.

It was observed that the flow levels at the sites visited on Tuesday were below the USGS recorded median (spanning 58 – 105 years) for this time of year.


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