FOSR 2019 Summer E. coli Results through 08.15.2019

These are the E. coli concentration results for the water samples that I collected on Thursday, August 15.  Check out the E. coli levels for the water samples collected yesterday shortly after a localized heavy down pour that fell in portions of Clarke County VA.

FOSR 2019 Summer Quantitative E. coli Concentration Results through 08.15.2019

At 5 of the 16 sites tested the E. coli levels exceeded the Virginia Water Quality Standard threshold level of 235 colony forming units of E. coli per 100 ml of sample for freshwater beaches.  These sites were:

FC08, Main-stem Shenandoah River, at Castleman’s Ferry public boat ramp, Route 7 bridge, Clarke County

FC05, Main-stem Shenandoah River, at Lockes Landing public boat landing, Clarke County

FC01, Main-stem Shenandoah River, at at Berry’s public boat ramp, Route 50 bridge, Clarke County

FW36, Manassas Run, a tributary the feeds into the Main-stem Shenandoah River just upstream of the public boat landing at Morgan’s Ford Bridge on Morgans Ford Road, Warren County

FW35, Main-stem Shenandoah River, in the Main-stem Shenandoah River at Morgan’s Ford Bridge public boat landing below confluence with Manassas Run, Warren County

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