FOSR’s Summer E. coli Testing Program Results for Wednesday, June 19, 2024

As the temperature outside rises the cool waters of the Shenandoah Rivers maybe calling to you.  The goal of FOSR’s summer E. coli testing program is to provide frequent, real-time accredited E. coli concentration results for river recreation users to make their own informed decision about potential associated health risks when recreating in the areas of the rivers tested.  Below is the link for the E. coli results for the water samples collected yesterday, 06.19.2024, as part of Friends of the Shenandoah River’s Summer E. coli Testing Program.…/FOSRs-2024-Summer-E.-coli-Testing-Program-Quantitative-E.-coli-Concentration-Results-through-06.19.2024-1.pdf



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